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Tonic: Delicious & Natural Remedies to Boost Your Health

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Tonic is a colourful celebration of healing tonics inspired primarily by systems of traditional medicine from the East, adapted to suit the West. It demonstrates how to make the most of kitchen cupboard staples, such as herbs and spices, and how they can be used in the modern world to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Showcasing tasty homemade tonic recipes to help balance energy and support your body's natural defences, each tonic has been carefully crafted to restore, invigorate and heighten your state of mind. Featuring the sunshine-coloured, immune-boosting Turmeric Tonic an all-round healer and refreshing elixir to more eclectic Love Potions, Salvation Shrubs and Make-Your-Own Probiotics, each tonic is as colourful and delicious as they are resourceful. Consumed hot or cold, the recipes are simple to master and can easily be adapted to suit your lifestyle. Discover the zingy flavours of the Fever Grass Tonic to beat off symptoms of cold and flu or the deliciously nutty Rooibos Tonic to fight fatigue; soothe your hangover with the refreshing and spicy Mexican tepache or ease your anxieties with the creamy and comforting Hug in a Cup. So whether you re suffering from low immunity or digestion problems, feeling tired, run down or just stressed, these tonics will not only tickle your taste buds but will raise your energy and lift your mood.

Including an extensive store cupboard list and a helpful ailment index, Tonic offers all-natural and exciting ways to treat everyday complaints quickly, safely and effectively at home.

"Conjuring up tonics from herbs, spices and citrus fruit could treat everything from incipient colds to hangovers, says Tanita de Ruijt" - The Telegraph Magazine


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