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The “Erin” skirt

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We start work when you tell us so. Once the order is placed, the production begins. Within 2 weeks from the moment you place the order, we will produce your items. 



Erin Brockovich is a true fighter who’s never given up her passion and who stood for the little guy. 

She started investigating multiple cases of illnesses reported by the residents of a little town called Hinckley, California. She’s proven that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has contaminated the town’s groundwater thus making its residents sick. Her extensive, careful work resulted in a $333 million settlement. 


GREEN COOL FACTOR: In 95% made from upcycled textiles. It took 3 pairs of men jeans to create the “Erin” pencil skirt and that’s what makes them so damn special. Get them and help to save 10 thousands litres of water.



Mindi black and grey pencil skirt with the asymmetrical opening at the front. Features classic button fly. The internal seams are green to reflect our coolest logotype. 



Wash as rarely as possible. To refresh, fold and place in a Ziploc plastic bag. Leave in your freezer overnight. Take out the next day, give them a vigorous shake and leave until they warm up. Wash cold, do not bleach and do not tumble dry or iron. DO not leave exposed to direct flame or sunlight.