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SOS soothing cream

79,00 zl PLN

A concentrated mix of soothing active ingredients, this certified organic cream hydrates and repairs dry, damaged skin.

Restorative cream for the face, hands, feet, elbows and knees


Organic SOS Soothing Cream provides long-lasting comfort for the driest, most irritated skin that tends to become more agitated and fragile when exposed to physical friction and environmental factors. It soothes and reduces redness, nourishes and promotes rehydration of the skin, leaving it feeling softer and more revitalised.


Certified organic by ECOCERT®, and boasting the COSMEBIO® label of approval. Certified as PETA®-Approved Vegan.


Its thick, non-greasy texture has been specially formulated for practical, optimal application on localised areas and smaller areas such as the face, hands, elbows, feet and knees. It forms a protective layer and revitalises the skin’s surface, providing a soothing, restructuring and invigorating sensation.


  • 90% of users said that their skin felt hydrated, nourished and repaired.
  • 95% of users felt that Organic SOS Soothing Cream is specially suited for dry to very dry skin.