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Size M, Black Leather satchel, hand made backpack, rucksack, bookbag, vegetable tanned leather

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Black leather backpack, hand made backpack, rucksack, bookbag, vegetable tanned leather.

When I was designing this collection, I was inspired by the golden ratio. Therefore the background for all my models is a rectangle. Thanks to this, the lump is esthetic and proportional. This method was already known in antiquity and was attributed to its unique aesthetic qualities. It was used among others in architecture and painting, it was sought in nature and even found its application in finance.
The golden ratio is also called the harmonic division, the divine proportion, and it comes from the division of the section into two parts. I wanted this collection to be as close as possible to almost perfect proportions. Did I succeed? Judge for yourself ...

Rigid backpack made of black dyed leather. There are two pouches and a pocket with a carabiner for keys inside. Regulated leather straps. The whole is closed with magnetic fasteners. Metal nickel-plated fittings. Fit 13,5"

The dimensions of the backpack is:
internal dimension
width 24 cm
height 31 cm
depth two chamber 7cm and 5cm