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Porcelain white Polar Bear with a golden crown

110,00 zl PLN

White polar bear is a real king of Arctic but now is at risk of extinction. My porcelain figurine is an artistic tribute to that beautiful animal. The golden crown reminds who's still the boss in the frozen North.

★ Size:
Height 2 3/4'' (7 cm)

★ Materials/process:
High quality, white Bone China porcelain
Fired at 2220º F (1220º C), decorated with 12% gold and again fired at 1526º F (830º C)
100 % handmade manufacturing process

★ Features:
Different version available (see other listings). This offer is for the white figurine with golden crown.
Sturdy packaging

NOTE: This listing is for one item and the pictures are representations of the figurine you will receive, but slight variations (image and size) are always possible as a part of the handmade process.