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Porcelain PAPER CUP, porcelain cup

120,00 zl PLN

Porcelain cups are gentle like origami birds. Light material and geometrical shapes make them look like made of paper.
There are few types of cups available. Dashed lines made with ceramic decal or hand painted with gold (imitating folding lines marked on the paper) as well as cuts covered with cobaltic pigment give the impression, that these cups are composed of many pieces. The white ones, on the other hand, will look lovely in every interior.
You can combine these cups into sets with teapots, which also are available in my store. You’re more than welcome to create your own set :)

Materials: high quality porcelain (Bone China), fired at 2220º F (1220º C)
depending on a cup:
ceramic decal, fired at 1526º F (830º C)
cobalt ceramic pigment
genuine 12% gold, fired at 1526º F (830º C)
cup: about 2,6 inches height (about 2,8 inches with a handle), capacity 150 ml