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Maxi Trenchcoat

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is an independent brand established in 2016 by the designer - Anna Załucka-Kuczera.

The collections balance innovative design, proportion, timeless classic and craftsmanship. Spacious and engineered clothes give the garments bold style. The form, detail and functionality are always equally important.

All the collections are manufactured locally in Cracow, using carefully chosen innovative textiles as well as sustainable, recycled, hand-finished or stock fabrics.

This great piece of craftsmanship features an oversized A -line fit and maxi-lenght, double breasted front fastening and back pleat.

Hidden buttons allow to shorten the front side and give the coat even bolder look


resistant and durable waterproof cordura with polyester lining


care instructions

professional cleaning

Availability on request. Delivery time till 10 working days