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Lady on pool with lifebelt, Porcelain figurine

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This chubby lady went to the pool, because she wanted to swim a little. She’s not quite sure of her skills, so she took with her a beautiful lifebelt. I bet she’ll stay out of the water and rest by the pool, where she feels safer :) You could say, that she loves water, but it looks like it’s not her favorite thing…

This tiny but expressive swimmer figurine is made of high quality porcelain (Bone China). It was fired at 2220º F (1220º C). Piece measures: 5.5" (14 cm). It was subtly decorated with a genuine 12% gold and fired again at 1526º F (830º C).

Every figurine, which I design, is made of many elements. All components (leg, hand or head) have their prototype – a model carefully sculpted by me. Casts of the original sculptures are used to make plaster molds for each element. At the end all components are assembled to obtain the finished object. This is a very tedious and hard work, but its effects give a lot of joy and satisfaction.

The swimmer’s curvy look may evoke prehistoric Venus figurines, but a modern form and material remind of more traditional, collector’s porcelain figurines.
This lady would be happy to sit on one of your shelves, while waiting for a bath. Contemporary design with reference to tradition will make her feel and look good in every place. It could also be a perfect gift.

Notice! This lovely bath admirer has some friends. She would be pleased to have a company, and you’d have a fine collection :) You’re more than welcome to check out all my other works!

The figurine is sold without stand.