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Racing Car

The Hornet Model Car is the newest addition to Authentic Models line of early toy speed car reproductions. The originals reached incredible velocities using small one-cylinder engines. They were noisy, but very fun!

Expert Construction

The model is handmade with excellent attention to detail. It is made from hand cast airplane aluminum body, with solid cast aluminum wheel hubs, rolling wheels with rubber tires, detailed dash, black anodized steering wheel and a faux leather racing seat (body only, no engines are included). A hand-crafted gift box is included in the shipment, and this car would make a perfect present for a car enthusiast.

Grown Boys' Toys

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Hobbyists built minature racecars and raced them around small tracks. Incredibly detailed and aerodynamic, they were wonderful toys, but they were also more than that - they were works of art, representing the best pioneering technology of the era. Authentic Models have produced a wide selection of wonderful model racecars, grown boys' toys of the 1940s and 1950s. Transport yourself back to the entertainment of the time, before TV sets, mobile phones and iPads changed the habits of hobbies forever.