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Smells Like Spells


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The plant was named after the French word “franc”, meaning “luxurious”. Frankincense has long been used for producing incense. Frankincense (Boswellia) incense was one of the presents of the Three Kings to baby Jesus. In Ancient Greece frankincense resin was burned on altars and in temples, because it slows down and deepens breathing, which helps to calm down and immerse in prayer and meditation. The smell of frankincense calms and soothes, it is used during meditations even today. It is believed that by using frankincense essential oil and making a simple meditation/affirmation ritual, you can ask for or by giving it as a present you can wish for someone:

  • peacefulness of mind;
  • focus in achieving your goals;
  • personal strength;
  • repel negative energy.


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