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Cylinder James

249,00 zl PLN

GREEN COOL FACTOR: Made of 95% upcycling fabrics. The James top hat is made of 1 pair of men's jeans, which makes it totally unique. By buying this model, you help save about 3,000 liters of water! FASHION: High top hat studded with oxyde black studs. HOW TO TAKE CARE OF IT: Wash as rarely as possible. For refreshment, put it in a plastic bag and leave it in a freezer overnight. After pulling it out, straighten it and set aside until the denim returns to room temperature. If you have to wash it, the right program is essential. Wash at 30 degrees Celsius using a program for delicate fabrics (you will use less water). Remember that denim is not ironed, bleached, dried in a dryer and is not left to dry in the sun (you risk discoloration). Dimensions: Height: 17cm Circumference: 59cm