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Ceramic Vase, Porcelain Vase

249,00 zl PLN

Porcelain vases that look like origami paper will make wonderful decorations for any home. Their unusual shape lets us nicely arrange the flowers and make beautiful composition.

The material, from which this piece was made, makes it look like it was made of paper. That’s why this vase it looks like made of paper which was immersed in gold as well as in ink and make this sophisticated piece look elegant. Irregular shape makes it one in a kind. Thanks to that this vase may serve as a small sculpture form, which will look great in every modern interior.

Materials: high quality porcelain (Bone China), fired at 2220º F (1220º C)
genuine 12% gold, fired again at 1526º F (830º C)
height: 6.7" (17 cm)
capacity: 650 ml

It will make every home special and will charm your guests. This vase will make a remarkable, extraordinary and elegant wedding or birthday gift.
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