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Pigdog is a Polish owned lifestyle clothing brand, established in 2017. Inspired and driven by a passion for art, photography, travel, exquisite food, nonchalant fashion and extreme sports. It took many years for the founder to bring all of the above into life finally channeling his vivid creativity and hyperactivity.


Pigdog was created for people filled with passion, not bothered by what others think, those who like good quality and comfort. Those who are brave and are not afraid to stand out of the crowd, bored with cliché mainstream chain stores and disappointed with low quality clothing brands available on the Polish market. But most importantly for those who value and identify with the idea that clothes convey. We don’t take interest in a typical approach - brand-client-product. With our company we try to encourage people to overstep boundaries, awaken their identity and share their world with us.


Our logo symbolizes a sentimental journey to the childhood times. The essence of the logo was inspired by one of my father’s drawings drawn for me. The first fine line meandered through memories and personal experience reaching the final result -the logo, and from there our brand name has come to life.


Pigdog is a way of life. We spend a great amount of time selecting the fabrics, which very often with their special texture or color inspire us to create particular items. Most of our fabrics are unique. Our phenomenal hats are sewn using linen from Poland, Latvia, leather and Italian yarn and top quality cotton. We look into every detail, our zippers or every „NAP” are carefully selected. Nothing is left unattended.


We love cooperating with our contractors, mainly known personally. Our clothes are sewn and trimmed in Poland, both by local family companies and well-known sewing rooms, embroideries or printing houses cooperating with world known brands. In this way we want to appreciate the heritage of polish clothing industry. We make small amounts of clothing, our series are limited and as a presupposition will not be repeated which makes them even more unique. We don’t use ready-made semi-finished products, all our models and cuts are created solely by us. We are only interested in high quality products. In this matter we are uncompromising. We don’t flip the script. Life is too short to not aim to the fullest.



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