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The creator and designer of PalaPala is a water-sports fanatic. Spending long days at the beach all around the world in different kitesurfing spots, wild and man-made - doing what he loves - kitesurfing. Being in a constant change of temperatures, getting in and out of the water, can put you out of your comfort zone in a split second. This is exactly were the idea of "Concious Comfort" clothing came to him. He set himself a mission to create comfortable, weather oriented clothing, which does not clash with sustainability and fashion.

The inspiration of Pala Pala brand and poncho itself came from South America and a seek to live a comfortable every day life. Kitesurfing -this is were we saw ponchos first. Long days at the beach, kiting, chilling, getting in and out of the water and being in a constant change of temperatures. Biting wind blowing at your face and stingy goosebumps on the skin may put you in an uncomfortable situation. This is where ponchos comes in. The bamboo keeps you dry and warm and a touch of polyester on the outside works as semi water-resistant layer. Every poncho design is weather functional, depending on the season category, made to meet highest comfortability standards. In this fast-paced life, Pala Pala team search for cosiness, sustainability and style. Pala is meant to be worn freely and on the go, in those moments when you care about your comfort and allow yourself to live it.
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