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MoMi-Ko - the name was created from the first syllables of the name and surname of the designer - Monika Misiak-Kołsut. Graduate of
the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw.
She received the title of Clothing Designer in 2012, and her avant-garde graduation collection "Bessarabia" has been awarded many prizes. In recent years, the designer has created sixteen collections and participated in many competitions and shows, including Fashion Week Poland.

The designer creates two parallel collections, a numbered
White Label, which is characterized by functional but original forms to wear every day, and an avant-garde, based on artistic inspiration,
in which originality and original forms have priority to express creativity and sensitivity, but the border between them is often blurred. He works mainly with natural fabrics, combining weights, patterns and different structures.
She draws her inspirations mainly from travel, which is her greatest passion. In the majority of collections, the inspiration for a trip to Japan is clearly visible.
When designing, she searches for original solutions, an element that will make clothes stand out, focuses primarily on structural details, and also tries to introduce her own, unique prints such as origami pattern, mahjong blocks or lily flowers.

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