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We think about fashion in terms of years, not months. By extending the life of your clothes by just 9 months, we reduce their carbon footprint by up to 30% *. Based on the idea of ​​a circular economy, we decided to use secondary fabrics for our collections. This radical approach guarantees an immediate reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and almost completely eliminates the need for water in the fabric production process. Real change starts with us. We don't make stray clothes. We want them to have an owner who will wear them and take care of them. That is why we start our work when the order is placed. Within two weeks of confirming the purchase, your chosen model will be created in one of the Polish sewing rooms. For its production, we will use between 3-7 pairs of men's jeans from the aftermarket and thus save between 10 and 30 thousand liters of water. ** We encourage you not to return the order. By choosing Dioxide Denim, you are proactively combating the global greenhouse crisis and promoting conscious consumption. We will provide each order with a detailed description of your model. You will learn how many pairs of men's trousers were used in its production and how many liters of water were saved thanks to your radical approach to shopping. Congratulations! Mother Earth is proud of you. * WRAP report ** An average of 10,000 liters of water is used to produce one pair of jeans. *** We guarantee a unique look! Due to the use of secondary fabrics, each model may slightly differ in shade.

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