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Protective Cream with Cold Cream

70,00 zl PLN

A highly effective barrier to guard against environmental factors such as the cold, wind and air pollution, our Protective Cream with Cold Cream is a daily facial moisturiser that protects and hydrates skin that is sensitive or regularly exposed to the elements.

Protective cream that shields against the cold


EQ’s Protective Cream with Cold Cream protects normal to dry skin from often extreme environmental factors (cold, rain, wind, snow) by creating a protective film that shields the surface of the skin. Rich in active ingredients, its hydrating and nourishing properties work to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and perfectly protected. Its tropical, fruity fragrance with hints of vanilla provide a moment of pure escape.


Certified organic by ECOCERT®, COSMEBIO® certification


Non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue.


  • 100% of users of EQ’s Protective Cream with Cold Cream were fully satisfied with the product.
  • 100% of users found the product left their skin feeling hydrated, supple and really refreshed.

*Clinical tests for product effectiveness carried out on 21 adult volunteers (16 women, 5 men), aged between 40 and 68 (average age of 56), with dry to very dry combination skin on their face, 12 of whom actively participate in sports.70


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