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Moisturizing oil

85,00 zl PLN

A unique fragrance that smells sweet and delicious, skin that feels nourished and moisturised, a body that looks bronzed and beautiful, EQ's Dry Oil is your daily ally of choice when it comes to 100% natural skincare and aftersun products made from unprocessed plant oils rich in beneficial properties.

Hydrating plant oil


With its floral fragrance with hints of vanilla and patchouli, EQ’s Dry Oil nourishes, hydrates and soothes even the driest skins thanks to its unique combination of certified organic plant oils. It can also be applied to the hair to strengthen and protect dry ends.


Certified organic by ECOCERT®, and boasting the COSMEBIO® label of approval. Certified as PETA®-Approved Vegan.


Its soothing, non-greasy texture is easily absorbed.


  • 95% of users found that it hydrated their skin.
  • 85% of users like the fragrance.

*Clinical tests for product effectiveness carried out on 20 adult volunteers (women and men) aged between 20 and 54 (average age of 28) with all body skin types.